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===Planar Lore===
Domain: Education Lore
Available: Scholar(21)
Allows: Educating
UseCost: Mana (71)
Quality: Circumstantial
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: planarlore list

plore astral

plore astral report

Description: Through extensive education, the player is able to recall random bits of information about one of the planes of existence. Each level of expertise enlarges the types of information that can be recalled. Failing a proficiency check requires a few extra seconds of remembering, however. The REPORT argument will cause the results to be recited out loud.


  • Known planes: Abyss, Acheron, Air, Arcadia, Ash, Astral, Concordant Opposition, Dust, Earth, Elysium, Ethereal, Fire, Gehenna, Gladsheim, Hades, Happy Hunting Grounds, Ice, Lightning, Limbo, Magma, Minerals, Negative, Nine Hells, Nirvana, Olympus, Ooze, Pandemonium, Positive, Radiance, Salt, Seven Heavens, Smoke, Steam, Tarterus, Twin Paradises, Vacuum, Water, Prime Material.
  • The Plane Walking chant, Planar Travel prayer, or Planeshift spell can transport one and one's group to a specific plane.