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===Combat Log===
Domain: Combat Lore
Available: Scholar(3)
Allows: Combat Lore
UseCost: Mana (53)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Creatures
Range: Touch - Range 20


Examples: combatlog rabbit

combatlog stop combatlog report combatlog write paper

Description: This ability allows the player to assess key statistics about another character or creatures performance in a fight. The player studiously notes all combat details and can report out the details at any time, so long as they are still observing. The player is able to observe things like the resources they consume, and the challenges they overcome. The more lore Expertise the player has, the greater the number of insights and details they will be able to note using this skill. The player can then report on these details or even write them onto paper or into a book. Stopping will clear the statistics, allowing the player to study a new target.


  • Time in combat is in units of MUDHOURS (10 minutes).