Skill Autoclimb

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Domain: Fitness
Available: Abjurer(18) Alterer(18) Arcanist(18) Artisan(1) Assassin(18) Barbarian(18) Bard(18) Beastmaster(18) Burglar(18) Charlatan(18) Cleric(18) Conjurer(18) Delver(18) Diviner(18) Doomsayer(18) Druid(18) Enchanter(18) Evoker(18) Fighter(18) Gaian(18) Gaoler(18) Healer(18) Illusionist(18) Jester(18) Mage(18) Mer(18) Minstrel(18) Missionary(18) Monk(18) Necromancer(18) Ninja(6) Oracle(18) Paladin(18) Pirate(18) Dancer(18) Purist(18) Ranger(18) Sailor(18) Scholar(18) Shaman(18) SkyWatcher(18) Templar(18) Thief(18) Transmuter(18) Trapper(18) Wizard(18)
Allows: Strategic Retreat Fitness
UseCost: Movement (51)
Quality: Sometimes Beneficial
Targets: Caster only
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Description: The player begins climbing around whenever they move. By turning this on, the player uses half their normal movement cost for climbing. Enter AUTOCLIMB again to turn it off.


  • Climbing prevents normal health, mana and movement regeneration. Therefore, you will normally want autoclimb turned off, except in regions requiring a lot of climbing, or where you may wish to flee to a climbing surface.