Simple Scroll(MudSchool)

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===a simple scroll===
Type: Other Item Level: 1
Readable Text: During my adventures within these lands I determined that as a MONK

weapons were inhibiting, as I can attack more often with my bare hands than with weapons, plus you do not have to worry about Hassan's LAWS. TRAINING up your STRENGTH, CONSTITUTION and DEXTERITY will aid you greatly, as will learning the fighting techniques that give you extra attacks such as KNIFE HAND and MONKEY PUNCH. Though your individual combat capacity is formidable this can be enhanced greatly by teaming up with a spell caster. I found Kylandaria's abilities to heighten my strength and speed invaluable, this permitted me to strike harder and avoid damage to begin with. Later she was able to magically haste me so I gained even more attacks. KICKing can also aid one in battle, permitting another strong blow, although this is somewhat exhausting. Though I never learnt the skills to PIN or GOUGE due to finding them less that ideal on the grounds of me being the primary attacker and holding someone to the floor with all my might would not have helped as much as me being capable of striking. As for sinking my fingers into some persons eyes, it did not appeal because it is gross! Lastly I would like to comment upon the ability to LIGHTNING STRIKE, this flurry of blows can be devastating though I should warn you to time it well, if released too soon you become a sitting duck at the feet of your opponent, while if left too late it becomes superfluous.

In short, gain as many abilities to do more attacks unarmed as you can, find a MAGE who is both intelligent and grateful for your aid and use your own judgement in battle.

- Zoe.

Weight: 1 Material: Paper
Base Value: 5 gold coins Area: Mud School
Is Magical (Y/N)?: N Magic Level:
Is Invisible (Y/N)? N Is Hidden (Y/N)?: N
Is Glowing (Y/N)?: N Is a Light Source (Y/N)?: N
Other Affects:
Is Crafting Learnable (Y/N)?: N Crafting Skill/Level:


It seems to be the story of Zoe the Monk.