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===Ship Building===
Domain: Crafting
Available: Artisan(1) Sailor(9)
Allows: Find Ship Clan Ship Building Rushed Crafting Quick Worker Ingenious Engineering Advanced Crafting Quick Crafting Ship Lore
UseCost: Movement (24)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items Creatures
Range: Touch, or not applicable


Examples: shipwright cruiser

shipwright list shipwright list cruiser shipwright list 5-10 shipwright list all shipwright mend cruiser shipwright scan shipwright scan bob shipwright help Bob shipwright title The Cargo Deck shipwright desc This is a beautiful cargo deck! shipwright door east shipwright demolish east

Description: This skill allows a player to craft large sailing ships, and alter great ships they own. The extent of the items which can be crafted expands as the player goes up in level. This command also allows the player to repair any combat damage on great ships. To begin building a new item, the player must have placed the wood he or she wishes to make the item from on the ground. The parameters also allow more than one person to assist in a project. Items crafted with balsa can be done with half the required wood listed, while items crafted with ironwood will require twice the required wood listed. The raw wood for building is found using the Chopping skill.


SHIPWRIGHT LIST will display all available shipwright recipes a specific character can make.


  • The Crafting section has more information on general crafting concepts.
  • The value of the crafting material will determine the value of the ship when selling to vendors. For instance, a player made ship made of reed and sold to a MOB might resell for 376,969, whereas the same ship made of yew might sell for 3,757,181. The MOB will not likely buy it from you for these prices (based on your Charisma), though this is what they may resell them at.
  • Immediately upon completion of building a ship, you will be given an opportunity to name your new ship. You do not need to provide the new name of the ship in your initial command to build it, just the ship type.