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Targets: MOBs
Parameters: (MIN="TICKS") (MAX="TICKS") (CHANCE="NUM%") (TRASH="ROOMID") Parameters : ... (; "ITEM ZAPPERMASK") Example : min=10 max=20 chance=75
Examples: min=10 max=20 chance=75 trash="no"

min=10 max=20 chance=75 trash="Midgaard#3021" min=10 max=20 chance=75 ; -JAVACLASS +GENWEAPON

Description: According to the timing and percent chance described by the parameters, the mob with this behavior will attempt to pick up and take away random objects in the same room as the mob. Scavengers will not do their work when a PC is in the room, however. If they get "filled up" on items, they will destroy them, unless the trash flag is present. If it is set to NO, they will do nothing. If it is set to a roomid, the mob will track to that room and put the things in any ungettable container therein, or on the ground if that is not an option. An optional semicolon at the end of the arguments may be followed by a zapper mask to limit the types of items the scavenger will pick up. See AHELP ZAPPERMASK.