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Description: Revenants are vengeful spirits that inhabit the corpse of a slain warrior in order to seek revenge on their murderer. They often have gaunt faces and glowing red eye sockets, with stretched and decaying flesh. The convictions of vengeance fuel their restless spirit and allows them to quickly heal their undead bodies, but they are very susceptible to any fire or acid that would destroy the flesh. As a vessel that exists solely for retribution, they are not able to hold their physical form for long, and usually begin to decay within a year. However, the vexed apparition has been known to move to a fresh cadaver if the one they inhabit is destroyed before they fulfil their task.
Stat Adjustments: strength-1, dexterity-1, constitution+2, charisma-2, paralysis save+100, save vs fire-50, save vs gas+100, save vs acid-50, save vs poison+100, save vs undead+100, save vs disease+100, max strength adj.-1, max dexterity adj.-1, max constitution adj.+2, max charisma adj.-2
Racial Abilities: Track Vengeful Strike
Cultural Abilities:
Racial Effects: Stat Regeneration Lingering Spirit
Bonus Languages:
Bonus Abilities: infravision
Immunities: Improved Polymorph, Youth, Polymorph Self, Polymorph
Experience Modification: 0%
Life Expectancy: 2 years
Starting Equipment: a tattered tunic, some tattered pants, a tattered weapon belt
Wear Locations: head neck torso arms left wrist right wrist left finger right finger feet held wield hands floating nearby waist legs eyes ears body mouth back
Qualifying Classes: