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Targets: Rooms, Areas
Parameters: Max and min ticks, pct chance, min and max traps, locale and other flags.
Examples: min=10 max=20 chance=25 mintraps=1 maxtraps=10 EXITS="YES" ITEMS="YES" ROOMS="YES"

min=10 max=20 chance=25 ROOMS="YES" ITEMS="NO" -ALL +CityStreet

Description: This behavior will generate traps in a room or area.

Frequency Parameters:

The frequency and chance that the traps will be generated is determined by the min, max, and chance parameters.

Number of traps parameters:

The number of traps generated is determined by mintraps and maxtraps.

Types of items trapped parameters:

You may also dictate the types of things which can be trapped. By default, only closed, locked doors will get trapped. To allow other things to be trapped, other parameters must be included.

The ROOMS parameter may be made equal to YES to allow trapping of rooms, or NO to not allow this.

The EXITS parameter may be made equal to DOORS to allow trapping of all doors, LOCKED to allow only trapping of locked doors, or NO to not allow exits to be trapped at all.

The ITEMS parameter may be equal to YES to allow trapping of any items, CONT to allow trapping only of containers, LID to trap only the containers with lids, LOCK to trap only containers with locks, or NO to never trap items.

The locale parameters:

The TYPE of room in that area which will be checked for trappable things may also be specified. Use -ALL to disallow all locales, followed by +AIR +CITY +JUNGLE (etc) to reallow certain locales. -CITY -UNDERWATER and others may be used to restrict certain locales. If no locale types are specified, then all rooms in an area will be eligible.