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Targets: Areas, Rooms
Parameters: "min/max ticks" "% chance" "min/max monsters" "locale mask"; "xml/filename"
Examples: min=10 max=20 chance=75 minmonsters=1 maxmonsters=10;monsters.cmare

minmonsters=10 maxmonsters=20 -ALL +CITY;criminals.cmare minmonsters=10 maxmonsters=20 ;<MOBS><MOB>..etc..

Description: This behavior will read a list of monsters from a CMARE file of mobs generated using the "EXPORT AREA MOBS" or "EXPORT ROOM MOBS" command. The path to this file should be the last parameter, following a semicolon. The path is considered relative to the CoffeeMud resources directory. The xml from such a file may also be pasted in as the last parameter instead.

The parameters before the semicolon describe the rate and amount of monsters generated. The room or area will attempt to generate a monster every (min) to (max) ticks, assuming the percent chance (chance) is made. It will then generate at least the minimum (minmonsters) number of monsters from the list, but never more than the maximum (maxmonsters) number of monsters. Duplicates are allowed. Monsters who die will be replaced by this behavior, even if they wander out of the room or area. If the behavior is on a room, all monsters will be generated in that room. If on an area, a random room in the area will be picked for the monster. The TYPE of room in that area which will be selected for population may also be specified. -ALL to disallow all locales, followed by +AIR +CITY +JUNGLE (etc) to reallow certain locales. -CITY -UNDERWATER and others may be used to restrict certain locales. If no locale types are specified, then all rooms in an area will be populatable. By default, non-flying mobs will never be generated in air rooms, nor will non-swimming mobs be generated underwater. Valid locates include: "STONE", "WOODEN", "CAVE", "MAGIC", "UNDERWATER", "AIR", "WATERSURFACE", "METAL", "CITY", "WOODS", "ROCKY", "PLAINS", "UNDERWATER", "AIR", "WATERSURFACE", "JUNGLE", "SWAMP", "DESERT", "HILLS", "MOUNTAINS".