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Examples: remort
Description: Causes your player to lose all or most of their levels, skills, stats, and other personal attributes, without ever losing your equipment, bank accounts, properties, or clan affiliation. This allows you to try a different direction with your character. See also Remort Achievements.


  • If you have followers, they will remain with you through remort.
    • If you have any children who can walk, but are not of adventuring age, they will no longer FOLLOW you after the REMORT, and will be removed from your group. They will continue to SERVE you, however, and will be able to take certain ORDERs.
      • This may be a legacy behavior. If you have children followers, and they remain in your group after remort, please TYPO this information ingame for a reward.
  • Different ports have different settings for REMORT:
    • Normal(23/2323), PK(2324), and RP(2326) can REMORT at 61.
    • Hardcore(2325) can remort at 31.
    • Classic(2327) cannot remort.