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Targets: MOBs
Parameters: optional or additional chat data, or filenames ,or chat-mob-type
Examples: smurf

+(here there);9neither;5well, where?;1nowhere chat.dat=smurf mychat.dat=cityguard mychat.dat= +(speak

Description: An extension of the MudChat behavior, with a special feature for Quests. Allows the mobs to speak and respond to speech. The chat.dat file, from which speech behavior is derived, contains many "templates" for different speech behaviors. MudChat will attempt to choose the correct speech behavior for the mob based on the mobs name. This may be overridden by specifying a speech behavior in the parameters. This behavior extends the basic functionality of MudChat in the following ways:

1. If the first character in the parameters is a plus-sign, then a semi-colon delimited list of chat data is expected, in the same format as is found in chat.dat.

2. If format#1 is used, the trigger pattern may be followed by a double-colon, and then immediately by a variable string. This string will designate that the given pattern is only responded to for a given player ONCE. The string will also be added to a list of strings under the players name in any Quest object. This list will then be available through a Scriptable QVAR function.