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Properties are modifiers to an Area, Room, Exit, Item or MOB that affect how the item interacts with players. Think of properties as modifying WHAT the object is. For example, a room that is the trunk of a tree may have a PROP_CLIMBABLE to denote that you can only cling to the tree to stay in that room. Or an item may have a PROP_WEARADJUSTER which modifies some of the wearers stats. This may be somewhat confusing at first, but the more practice you have with assigning behaviors and effects, the easier it will be to understand.


Applying Properties, Affects and other Misc Abilities

A property added to the Effects of a MOB, Item, Room, Area, or Exit will make that ability always active, within any parameters defined by the property. When placing an effect on an entity, consider whether you want that effect always, or if you would rather have the mob make use of it. For example, granting a mob Skill_Dodge means that the mob will make use of the skill...low level mobs will have a chance of success dependent upon their final skill value. Placing the Skill_Dodge as an Effect means that it will always be active (and at 100%), which may not be the desired effect.

Misc Abilities are special abilities that are not granted to classes. They generally imply some sort of state change, or are racial abilities. Pregnancy, Age, and Stink are prime examples miscellaneous abilities.