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Effect: Restrictions to wielding/wearing/holding
Targets: Items
Parameters: masking parameters described below, optional zap message
Examples: -class +mage -race +elf -evil

MESSAGE="<O-NAME> falls out of <S-NAME>'s hands!" -class +mage

Description: Whenever the owner of the item with this property tries to wear or wield the item, they will be zapped unless it is allowed by the listed parameters.

An optional MESSAGE parameter can define what is seen when the zap occurs. Also optionally, the parameters can start with the word ACTUAL to change zapping behavior to look at actual values instead of perceived values (this about a class check applied to a Charlatan.) If the parameters include any alignment checks, the item will end up with an appropriate ambiance as well. For valid masking parameters, See AHELP ZAPPERMASK, where allowed can wear, and disallowed is zapped.