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Effect: Resistance due to worn
Targets: Items (armor and weapons principally)
Parameters: resistance names followed by percentages

Parameters may be followed by an optional mask May include optional LAYERED flag

Examples: magic 50% poison -10%

magic poison 50% pierce -10% MASK=-RACE +Dwarf magic 50% poison -10% magic 50% poison -10% LAYERED MASK=-RACE +Dwarf

Description: Whenever the item having this property is wielded or worn, the owner gains certain resistances and immunities described in the parameters. When removed, the resistances and immunities are also cancelled. The Layered flag may be used to prevent resistance stacking due to multiple items worn on the same location. The effects which may be included are:

Resistances: gas fire electricity mind magic cold acid water evil (undead)

Resistances: justice (as per many thief abilities)

Resistances: weapons blunt pierce slash non-magical-weapons non-silver-weapons

Resistances: -- weapons get reduced % damage per round, lvl based, with limits.

: -- always modifier makes weapon resists always work, no limits.

Resistances: spell chant song prayer thief_skill (ability types)

Resistances: enchantment/charm kicking vexing conjuration (ability domains)

Immunities : teleport (includes gate, summon) holy disease poison

Misc : debuf-duration (pct is the maximum debuf ticks remain)

The parameters may also END with the key word MASK= followed by a mask. This mask will select which kinds of mobs and players will be affected by this property. See ZAPPERMASKS for more information on zapper mask syntax.