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Effect: Wearable Unzapper
Targets: Items
Parameters: (DRESS) (CONTENTS) ("masking params")
Examples: -class +mage -race +elf -evil
Description: Whenever the owner of the item with this property tries to wear or wield the item, they will be be permitted only if allowed by the mask argument. Additionally, if they are permitted, then any wear restrictions that would normally prevent them from wearing the item will be suspended until the item is removed. This is so that you can make special armor for creatures that normally can't wear standard gear, such as barding for horse backs, and so forth. The DRESS argument will allow the item to be dressed or undressed from a creature without regard to normal permission rules. The CONTENTS parm allows the contents to be seen or manipulated.

For valid masking parameters see AHELP ZAPPERMASK, where allowed can wear, and disallowed is not.