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Effect: Emoting when used
Targets: Item
Parameters: Flags, pct chance, emote strings, ';' separated.
Examples: See Prop_UseEmoter
Description: This property defines a serious of emotes, one of which is triggered when an item is used, such as item gotten, food ate or drank, or liquid poured. All emote strings are separated by the semicolons shown above. The first parameter can be empty for defaults,the percent chance of occurrence after the event occurs, a list of rooms where the emoter MUST be for the emoter to work (inroom=...), a mask="..." zapper mask to filter who can trigger the emoter, a tag to make the emote sound based (sound), a tag to make the emote smell based (smell), a tag to make the emote broadcast to adjacent rooms (broadcast), or a tag to make the message private to the actor (private).

You can also mix and match the types of emotes by putting the keywords SIGHT, SMELL, NOISE, and SOCIAL as the first word in each emote string. This denotes the type of emote for the rest of the string. The last example shows how to enter a mixed emote.