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Effect: Spell reflecting property
Targets: MOBs, Items
Parameters: (MIN="LEVEL") (MAX="LEVEL") (CHANCE="%") (FADE=0/1) (REMAIN="NUM")
Examples: min=1 max=30 chance=100 fade=0 remain=100

max=10 chance=75 fade=1 remain=50

Description: This complex property allows the archon to set up mobs or items which, when worn, are capable of reflecting spells cast at the mob back to the source. The min and max parms describe the levels of spells which may be reflected. The chance parm describes the % chance of a spell being reflected. Remain is the number of spell levels which may be reflected. Every time a spell is reflected, the level of the spell is subtracted from the remain value. When remain reaches below 0, the item or mob will no longer reflect spells. Fade describes whether the property is persistent or destructive. If fade is equal to 1 or more, then the property is destructive, meaning that the mob will never again gain the fading benefit from this property after remain reaches below 0. If the property was on an item, it will be destroyed. If fade is equal to 0, then the property is persistent. The property will still stop working when the remain value reaches below 0, but the item will not be destroyed, and will begin to regain its strength at a rate of 1 point every 5 minutes or so.