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Effect: A Smell
Targets: MOBS, Items, Rooms
Parameters: (TICKS="NUM") (CHANCE="NUM") (EMOTE) (BROADCAST) text(;...)
Examples: <T-NAME> smells flowery!

<T-NAME> smells awful!;<T-NAME> smells BAD! CHANCE=50 <T-NAME> smells awful!;CHANCE=10 <T-NAME> smells BAD! EMOTE BROADCAST <T-NAME> smells awful!

Description: Makes the object with this property respond to a SNIFF command. More than one smell may be given, separated by semicolons. Each smell may have a chance of being selected during a sniff using the CHANCE parameter. ONLY MOBS with this property have other options, including an absolute duration before going away using the TICKS parameter, the opportunity to emote periodically using the EMOTE flag, and the opportunity to emote to adjacent rooms using the BROADCAST flag.