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Effect: Putting an expandable room up for sale
Targets: Room
Parameters: ("OWNER NAME"/)(RENTAL) (GRID) Price of the first room
Examples: 1000000

GRID 1000000

The Bob Clan/1000000

The Bob Clan/RENTAL 1000000

Description: Makes this room available for purchase by a player. If you have more than one room for sale, they MUST be separated by at least one room which is not for sale, otherwise both groups will be considered one. This property is identicla to Prop_RoomForSale or Prop_RoomsForSale, except that the building skills are permitted to add new rooms to it. See Prop_RoomForSale for more information on sold rooms and the rental flag.

When property is sold, it will be listed as the owner with a slash and the price. Entering this sort of parameter directly is the quick way to give players or clans property.

See also Prop_ReqCapacity for the means to set limits on players building abilities on their property.