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Effect: Putting a room up for sale
Targets: Room
Examples: 1000000


Description: Makes this room available for purchase by a player. The room will be automatically listed in the stock of any ShopKeeper in the SAME AREA who is designated a LandSeller, or any shopkeeper who has the proper StdTitle item in its selling inventory. The system will automatically maintain the integrity of any items left in the room, including restoring them on reboot. After a room is sold, the player need only enter "LOOK ID" to see the rooms ID for the purposes of identifying his or her lot in the future. The title received for purchasing a room may be GIVEn or SELLed to change possession of the property. The word rental followed by a space may precede the price to make the price of the property be charged every month automatically out of a Bankers account. Failure to make rent returns the property to sellable status.The word ALLOWTHEFT disables robbery law enforcement on the property.

When property is sold, it will be listed as the owner with a slash and the price. Entering this sort of parameter directly is the quick way to give players or clans property.

See also Prop_ReqCapacity for the means to set limits on players building abilities on their property.