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Effect: Specific Skill Neutralizing
Targets: Room, Area, MOB, Item


Examples: SKILLS="Spell_Sleep,Skill_Recall" MESSAGE="No!" ONLYROOMS="UNDERWATER,AIR"
Description: Cancels the effects of the listed spells/skills, and can be restricted by location. The only required parameter is SKILLS, which is a comma-delimited list of Ability IDs. Optional parameters includes MESSAGE, to change the skill users error message, ONLYROOMS to restrict the skill everywhere except the comma delimited list of DOMAIN strings, and NEVERROOMS to restrict the skill only in the comma delimited list of DOMAIN strings. DOMAINS include: CITY, WOODS, ROCKY, PLAINS, UNDERWATER, AIR, WATERSURFACE, JUNGLE, SWAMP, DESERT, HILLS, MOUNTAINS, SPACEPORT, SEAPORT, STONE, WOODEN, CAVE, MAGIC, UNDERWATER, AIR, WATERSURFACE, METAL. When this property is on a mob, it only affects the mob. When on an item, it only affects the owner of the item. If you want to limit spells/skills used AGAINST a mob, look at immunities.