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Effect: Tattoo Limitations
Targets: Rooms, Areas, Exits, Items
Parameters: optional msg; tattoo masks listed below
Examples: -all +manlymen

You can't go here!;-all +manlymen

Description: Creates tattoo restrictions for entering a roomor possessing an item. Followers will be allowed unless explicitly disallowed. See the help on Tattoos. Understood masks include:

nosneak (disallow sneaking past the requirement)

nofol (disallow followers of appropriate alignment)

-all (disallow unless has one of the following +tattoos)

+all (allow unless has any of the followng -tattoos)

+none (must have all +tatoos, and lack all -tattoos)

+TATTOONAME (must have tattoo)

-TATTOONAME (must not have tattoo)

Prefix TATOONAME name with ACCOUNT(space) to use account-based tattoos.