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Effect: Opening Command
Targets: Containers, Exits
Examples: twist knob;NOOPEN;MESSAGE="Doorknob!!";tw knob;twi knob

smack botto*

Description: When applied to a locked container or exit, this property will force the affected openable to unlock and open when the command phrase is entered by the user in its presence. The command word must match exactly, and the command entered must otherwise be completely invalid. PARMS arguments must also match exactly, although any PARM arg may end with * to use a starting string wildcard. A PARM argument may also end with ** to match the rest of the users entered command string. In addition to a series of command words, you can also use the NOOPEN arg to also disable the standard open command for the exit/item, or use MESSAGE= to change the message sent to the room, which can use (S-NAME) for the actor, and (T-NAME) for the item.


  • Separate the NOOPEN and MESSAGE= parameters with a ; from the command word parameters.
    • For example: twist torch;NOOPEN;MESSAGE=As you twist the torch a secret door opens nearby.