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Effect: Teleport-INTO Spell Neutralizing
Targets: Room, Area

... (INTERAREAOK=true/false) (MESSAGE="message") ... (REDIRECT="ROOM ID")

Examples: exceptions="area name#12,other area name"
Description: Disallows the casting of gate, teleport, portal, plantpass, and other spells INTO this area. If this is placed on an area, specific room or area exceptions may be given. By default, mob summoning skills, such as monster summoning, ARE allowed, but can also be disabled with nosummon=true. The optional exceptions argument can list room ids, area names, planarability, or spell ids. The NOSUMMON argument prevents summoning also, and INTERAREAOK allows/prevents teleportation inside an area with this property. MESSAGE can be used to change the fizzle message seen by the casters. REDIRECT is an optional room ID that will allow the teleport to procede, but only to the specific room.


  • When placed on an area, this will prevent teleporting into of the area, but may not prevent teleporting within the area.