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Effect: Modifying Faction Gained
Targets: MOBs, Items, Rooms, Areas
Parameters: (+/-"FACTION ID":)(=,+,-,*,/)"NUMBER"(%)(;"MASK")
Examples: alignment.ini: 500

alignment.ini: 500;-race +orc =10% examples/reputation.ini: +20% +20%;-class +Fighter +Mage -Race +Elf +alignment.ini:*2

Description: Allows the archon to modify the amount of faction gained or lost by each player for slaying the mob. If placed on a mob, the faction will be granted according to the parm, so long as the player meets the mask parameters (optional) and so long as the faction being changed is the one specified in the parameters (also optional). The faction id is left empty to specify affecting all factions. The faction id can be preceeded by a + to only affect faction gains, - to only affect faction losses, or neither to affect both. You can also use REACTION as a faction ID to only apply to factions that have reactions defined. If this property placed on an item, the faction will be altered for the wearer (or wielder or holder), so long as the mob killed meets the mask (optional). If placed on a Room or Area, the faction will be changed for one who meets the (optional) mask requirements. If no faction id is given, all factions are changed. If no mask is given, the faction is always granted. For valid masks, see AHELP ZAPPERMASK, where allowed is modified, and disallowed is not.