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Effect: Modifying Experience Gained
Targets: MOBs, Items, Rooms, Areas
Parameters: (=,+,-,*,/)"NUM"(%)(SELF)(RIDEOK)(TARGET)(;"MASK")(;;"TYPE")

("Comma-delimited, bracket""-surrounded groups of above")

Examples: 500

500;-race +orc =10% +20% SELF RIDEOK [+20% SELF RIDEOK;-race +horse],[=10%;-race +elf] +20%;-class +Fighter +Mage -Race +Elf

  • 2
Description: Allows the archon to modify the amount of experience gained by each player for slaying the mob. If placed on a mob, the experience will be granted according to the parm, so long as the player meets the mask, and xp meets the type parameters (both optional). The property will apply to the mob with this property him or herself only if the word SELF is included in the first parameters. The property will apply to riders of mobs with this property, unless RIDEOK is included in the first parameters. This property will only apply to targeted xp (like combat) with the TARGET parameter. Other arguments include: NEGATIVE to apply only to lost experience, or POSINEGA to apply to positive and negative experience. POSITIVE experience only is the default. If placed on an item, the xp mod will be applied to the wearer (or wielder or holder) . If placed on a Room or Area, the experience mods will be apply to those inside. If no mask or xp type is given, the experience is always granted. For valid masks, see AHELP ZAPPERMASK, where allowed is modified, and disallowed is not modified. Valid xp types include things like: "ABILITY:"ability id"", "COMBAT:*", "SCRIPT:"quest name"", "CLASS:"class name"", "ACHIEVE:*", "COMMAND:"command id"", "LIEGE:"name"", "MISC:*", etc. The type can be matched using * or ? characters. Multiple independent XP changes may be specified by grouping all arguments in "", and separating multiple groupings with commas.

Loki's Guide to Balanced MOBs

Certain mobs are harder/easier to kill for their level, and therefore should reward experience commiserate to their difficulty. Consider the following table as a guildine:

XP Parameter MOB adjustments Rationale Examples
-50% MOB with health adjuster of 4 or less, inadequate armor, low damage and low attack for their level. This sort of trash mob would be a way of generating mobs that provide a setting, without creating a huge level range for the area. Children and pests in a high level area with a tight level range.
+25% Aggressive + Mobile,

brotherhelper (or any *helper) + other mobs in room,

Helper + Mobile

These mobs can start to gang up on players, increasing their difficulty. Cityguards, Gangmembers and faithful zealots
+25% Mobs with more than 20 hit point adjustment and/or improved combat stats. The increase in health and/or combat stats will make the fight last longer and consume more resources. Veteran mobs, lieutenant mobs, etc.
+50% MobileAggressive This is a very deadly mob, as they hunt down players quite readily, making it more difficult to recover between fights. Hunters, Assassins
Varies CombatAbilities Providing a Mob with abilities increases their difficulty, depending on the skillset. Specific combat style mobs (archers, trappers, healers, etc)
*2 classness Adding behaviors such as Mageness or Fighterness greatly increases a mobs difficulty. Special area mobs, area bosses


  • Use integer values only. Prop_ModExperience(*1.5) will result in an error, and read as Prop_ModExperience(*0).
  • If this property is applied to a GenSailingShip, it should affect the amount of XP awarded during a ship battle.
    • Applying it to the ship's area may also affect XP awarded during ship battle, but will cause the crew to earn the modified experience for any action that occurs on the ship (combat, crafting, etc).
  • This property is not communitive with itself, and only the lowest-order application will take effect. For example, if this property is place on an area, and on a room in that area, and on a mob in that room, then experience earned from interfacing with that mob will be affected only by the parameters on the mob's instance of Prop_ModExperience. A different mob in that room, that has no Prop_ModExperience, would be affected by the room's Prop_ModExperience modifier.