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Effect: Language Translator
Targets: Mobs, Items, Rooms


Examples: 100% Dwarven 50% Elvish

Dwarven Elvish NOTRANSLATE 75% 'smile 'beer Dwarven #BOB

Description: This is property has two distinct but related purposes. The original is to allow the mob or item to translate any words spoken in the room in a language other than Common, into Common. The mob or item will SAY the translation out loud. The percentage chance given, which defaults to 100%, will be the chance that the mob or item will translate any given sentence.

The other function of this property is activated when NOTRANSLATE is one of the parameters. In this case, this property on a mob will allow that mob to understand languages they otherwise would not. In fact, understanding can be limited to specific words by prefixing a language id with one or more 'words. This mode can also support passing commands through to mobs by including the names of trusted players using the # syntax, or a wildcard name of #*.