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Effect: Provides for enhanced item slots.
Parameters: (NUM="SLOTS COUNT") (TYPE="STRING") (SKIPS="ID,...")


Description: When placed on an item, that item will put able to be PUT, using the PUT command, into the slots provided on an item with the Prop_ItemSlot property. When this is done, the item into which this item is PUT will gain all the effect benefits of this item.

The NUM parameter determines how many slots this item takes up. The TYPE parameter must match the TYPE parameter from the Prop_ItemSlot of the item being PUT into.

The SKIPS property is a comma delimited list of Ability IDs which should be ignored when determining which effects on this item should be applied to the slotted item.

The ADDS property is a comma delimited list of Ability IDS should should be added to an item whose slot is filled by this one. Arguments to the ablilities can be given in parenthesis(). The properties must be ones that would affect the target item directly.

SKIPS parameter

The Skips parameter should include any property that should exist on the slot filler, but not transmitted to the slotted item. For example, if your slotfiller has Prop_ItemNoRuin on it, you may wish to inhibit this property if multiple slotfillers are going to have this property.