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Effect: Has slots for enhancement items
Targets: ITEM


Description: When placed on an item, that item will have available slots into which other items, those with the Prop_ItemSlotFiller property, can be PUT using the PUT command. When this is done, the item with this property will gain the effect benefits of the other item in addition to its own.

The NUM parameter determines how many slots are available. The TYPE parameter must match the TYPE parameter from the Prop_ItemSlotFiller of the item being PUT. The REMOVABLE property sets whether the items in the slots may be removed. The LEVEL argument affects how slot fillers affect the item level: none, equal to the highest, or added together. See also Prop_ItemSlotFiller.


  • When an item with Prop_ItemSlot has a slotted Prop_ItemSlotFiller equiped, it will automatically add the XML code from the slot filler. Builders do not need to manage this XML independently, just be aware of its purpose (to tell what item is currently slotted).