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Effect: a Property
Targets: MOB, Item, Room, Area
Parameters: (MASK=""zapper"") (DAMAGE="NUM") (DMGPCT="0-100") (MSG=""STR"")
Examples: mask="-race +dwarf"

damage=10 dmgpct=0 msg="<S-NAME> <DAMAGES> <T-NAME>"

Description: Will (eventually) cause the death of anyone using the item, attacking the mob, or entering the room or area. If a mask if given, only those matching the mask are killed. If a DMGPCT ( 100 is used, damage is done and the MSG is displayed. If a DAMAGE ) 0 is used, but DMGPCT=0, then a flat amount of damage is done.

See AHELP ZAPPERMASK, where allowed is killed, and disallowed is spared.