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Effect: Casting spells when here
Targets: Rooms
Parameters: a list of properly named spells separated by semicolons

Spell names may optionally have parameters in parenthesis

The above parameters may be followed by an optional mask

Examples: Spell_MageArmor;Spell_Shield

90%;Spell_Portal(Somewhere else);Prayer_SummonElemental(/FIRE)

Spell_MageArmor;Spell_Shield; MASK=-RACE +Dwarf

Description: So long as the room with this property is occupied, the occupants will be under the effect of the listed spells. The flag NOUNINVOKE can be substituted for a spell to make all the effects non-dispellable until the property no longer applies; use this flag with care! The flag LEVEL=(NUMBER) can also be substituted for a spell name to force all the listed effects be cast at a different level than default.The flag MAXTICKS=(NUMBER) can be used to shorted the length of all spell casts.

The flag TICKS=(NUMBER) can be used to shorted the length of all subsequent listed spells.

The parameters may also END with the key word MASK= followed by a mask. This mask will select which kinds of mobs and players will be affected by this property. See ZAPPERMASKS for more information on zapper mask syntax.