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Effect: Adjustments to stats when here
Targets: Rooms
Parameters: statistic names followed by a +, -, or = and a value

The above parameters may be followed by an optional mask

Examples: str+2 dex-2 move+100 class=thief race=elf gender=F

str+2 dex-2 move+100 MASK=-RACE +Dwarf

Description: So long as the room with this property is occupied, the listed effects will be given to the occupants. All parameters use the + or - adjuster, except the class, race, and gender parameters noted above. Valid parameters are as follows:

strength dexterity constitution charisma wisdom intelligence

maxstr maxdex maxcon maxcha maxwis maxint (maximum trainable)

savepar savefir savecol savewat savegas savemin savegen savejus

saveaci saveele savepoi saveund savemag savedis savetra

ability (magical level), armor, attacks (prowess), damage (max), disposition (sitting/standing/flying/etc), level, rejuv(!NO!), senses (blind/infravision/darkvision/etc), speed (#attacks), height, weight, gender, class, race, hitpoints, hunger (stomach size), mana, movement, thirst (stomach size) conversion weightadj saveblunt savepierce saveslash savespells saveprayers savesongs savechants critpctweapons critpctmagic critdmgweapons critdmgmagic.

The parameters may also END with the key word MASK= followed by a mask. This mask will select which kinds of mobs and players will be affected by this property. See ZAPPERMASKS for more information on zapper mask syntax.