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Effect: Resistance due to ownership
Targets: Items
Parameters: resistance names followed by percentages

Parameters may be followed by an optional mask

Examples: magic 50% poison -10%

magic poison 50% pierce -10% MASK=-RACE +Dwarf

Description: So long as the item with this property is owned, the owner will gain certain resistances and immunities in the parameters. The effects which may be included are:

Resistances: gas fire electricity mind magic cold acid water evil (undead)

Resistances: justice (as per many thief abilities)

Resistances: weapons blunt pierce slash non-magical-weapons non-silver-weapons

Resistances: -- weapons get reduced % damage per round, lvl based, with limits.

 : -- always modifier makes weapon resists always work, no limits.

Resistances: spell chant song prayer thief_skill (ability types)

Resistances: enchantment/charm kicking vexing conjuration (ability domains)

Immunities : teleport (includes gate, summon) holy disease poison

The parameters may also END with the key word MASK= followed by a mask. This mask will select which kinds of mobs and players will be affected by this property. See ZAPPERMASKS for more information on zapper mask syntax.