Prop Fumble

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Effect: Causing skill failures
Targets: Items, Areas, Rooms


Examples: chance=50% mask="-race +elf" aid=Spell_Fireball,Spell_Light

chance=50% atype=spell,skill domain=stealthy chance=50% atype=spell cast=Spell_Fireball

Description: Causes a spell or skill to fumble and show a message according to the given chance%. The skills to fumble are identified as belonging to the given ATYPE (if specified) AND either belonging to the ADOMAIN, having an AFLAG, or having its Ability ID in the list of AID. The skill will fumble if the caster matches the given MASK zappermask. The message MSG= may be specified, with special codes @x1 for the skill name, and @x2 for the affected item name. The message can be shown PRIVATE= ly, or to everyone in the room. If the affected is an item, the ITEM= parameter can be used to specify the state that the item must be in to cause the fumble. Lastly, a CAST= argument can be given to cause fumbles to be accompanied by a spell being cast by the item against the skill user.

Prop_Fumble also has another mode of operation. If WEAPON=TRUE, then instead of fumbling skills, it will fumble attacks and cause the attacker to suffer the consequences.