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Effect: Day/Night Visibility
Targets: Items, Mobs, Rooms, Exits
Parameters: (DAY/NIGHT)(SLEEP)(SIT)(LOCKUP)(HOURS=0-13)(HOME=Room#)
Examples: DAY

SLEEP HOURS=5-10 "Home=My Area#123" SLEEP LOCKUP "Home=Bob's House" SLEEP LOCKUP "shopmsg=Go Away! I'm Closed!"

Description: Affects the thing with this property depending on the time of day. By default, this property activates at night. If the DAY paramater is included, it will activate by day instead. The effect of the property is that rooms will go dark, exits will close, and items will become unseeable. Mobs will become unseeable by default, though if the sit or sleep flags are set, they will do that instead. LOCKUP will cause the mob to lock up his starting room, if any doors with locks are found. If a Home Room is specified with the HOME= parameter, the mob will track to that room at closing time, then back to their start room the next day. For shopkeepers, you can specify a string for them to say whenever someone tries to interact with them as a shopkeeper during closed hours.


  • If this property is placed on the room of a shopkeeper, the room will close access for the night, but the shopkeeper MAY remain available if players are still in the room. If placed directly on the MOB with a LOCKUP parameter, it will effectively close up shop for the night.
  • As of v5.9.8.2, Shopkeepers with a SIT or SLEEP parameter will look for a chair or bed to interact with before choosing the floor.
  • As of v5.9.8.2, Shopkeepers will no longer be able to sell in their sleep.