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Effect: Artifact
Targets: Items
Parameters: autodrop="T/F" nomobs="T/F" nolocate="T/F" nocast="T/F"
Examples: nomobs=false
Description: The items with this property will persist in their last known location past reboots, and optionally always drop from players inventories when they quit, be invulnerable to damage, not be possessable by mobs, and not capable of being acted upon with skills or spells. By default, all of the above is true, though that can change by setting one of the following parameters to false:

autodrop - the item drops from player inventories when they quit or shutdown

nomobs - the item may not be picked up by a non-player

nolocate - the item may not be located via Locate Object spell

nocast - the item may not have ANY spells cast upon it


  • To reset a prop_artifact item, create an item with the correct name, add prop_artifact, then SAYTO ITEMNAME RESET PROP_ARTIFACT, then destroy the proxy artifact..