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Effect: Adjustments to stats
Targets: Mobs
Parameters: statistic names followed by a +, -, or = and a value

The above parameters may be followed by an optional mask

Examples: str+2 dex-2 move+100 class=thief race=elf gender=F

str+2 dex-2 move+100 MASK=-Race +Dwarf

Description: The listed effects will be given to the mob. All parameters use the + or - adjuster, except the class, race, and gender, ableprofs, and ablelvls parameters. Valid parameters are as follows:

strength dexterity constitution charisma wisdom intelligence

maxstr maxdex maxcon maxcha maxwis maxint (maximum trainable)

savepar savefir savecol savewat savegas savemin savegen savejus

saveaci saveele savepoi saveund savemag savedis savetra

ability (magical level), armor, attacks (prowess), damage (max), disposition (see AHELP ADJDISPOSITION), level, rejuv(!NO!), senses (see AHELP ADJSENSES), speed (#attacks), RONDEATH (t/f),height, weight, ambiance+, gender, class, clstart, race, hitpoints, hunger (stomach size), mana, movement, thirst (stomach size) doubt faith weightadj saveblunt savepierce saveslash savespells saveprayers savesongs savechants rejuvrate critpctweapons critpctmagic critdmgweapons critdmgmagic faith rejuvrate xpadjpct. Ableprofs and ablelvls is a commma-delimited list of ablityids followed by a number in parenthesis to adjust proficiency or casting level by.

By default, the values + or - are added to the existing values. However, if MULTIPLYPH=true is included in the parameters, then attack, armor, and damage will instead have their values multiplied by the given value / 100. Likewise, if MULTIPLYCH=true is included, then hitpoints, mana, and movement are similarly multiplied instead of added. All other values act the same.

The RONDEATH parameter, when set to true, causes this property to disappear on the death of the item owner, the mob, or a mob in the room.

The parameters may also END with the key word MASK= followed by a mask. This mask will select which kinds of mobs and players will be affected by this property. This may seem a strange parameter for a mobs-only property, but perhaps you can find a use for it. :) See ZAPPERMASKS for more information on zapper mask syntax.


Syntax is extremely important in defining properties, so verify you have the correct affect after setting your adjuster.

  • any disposition modifiers should be the last parameters in your property. IE, DAM+2 disposition+isevil
Adjuster Proper Syntax Effect Notes
Magical Ability Ability+X Increases the magical ability of the target by [X]. Minus (-) or Equals (=) may be used instead of Plus (+) to reduce or set the value of the Magical Ability. When placed on a GenEnvResource, it will grant a magical bonus on any item crafted with that resource by the value of X.
Dispositions disposition=ISINVISIBLE makes the target invisible at all times unless otherwise suppressed.
Dispositions disposition=ISHIDDEN makes the target hidden at all times unless otherwise suppressed.
Dispositions disposition=ISNEVERSEEN makes the target never seen. This should only be used to script special events.
Dispositions disposition=ISMAGICAL makes the target have a magical aura (detectable by detect magic).
Dispositions disposition=ISGLOWING makes the target emit a small amount of light, enough to see the target in the dark.
Dispositions disposition=ISLIGHT makes the target a light source.
Dispositions disposition=ISFLYING Grants the target the FLYING flag.
Dispositions disposition=ISCLIMBING Puts the target in the climbing state, halting hit point, mana, and movement regeneration, but able to use UP or DOWN without restrictions.
Dispositions disposition=ISSLEEPING Puts the target in a sleeping state, greatly reducing awareness but increasing hit point, mana, and movement regeneration.
Dispositions disposition=ISSITTING Puts the target in a sitting state, reducing awareness but increasing hit point, mana, and movement regeneration.
Dispositions disposition=ISSNEAKING Suppresses entry/exit messages when the target changes rooms except to targets that can detect hidden.
Dispositions disposition=ISSWIMMING Puts the target in a swimming state, enabling motion in any direction through water without a swim check.
Dispositions disposition=ISEVIL Gives the target an EVIL disposition.
Dispositions disposition=ISGOOD Gives the target a GOOD disposition.
Dispositions disposition=ISUNATTACKABLE Prevents the target from being subject to combat. This disposition should be used with caution, since it may have some unintended effects. Consider Prop_SafePet for mobs. A good use for this disposition would be on GenSailingShips required for game play (such as transports between capitols).


Use the numerical bitcode for the desired senses to be added. You may add senses together to get a combination of senses. use the syntax SENSES+# as your Prop_HaveAdjuster parameter.

Parameter Sense Effect
1 Cause Blindness Owner of item cannot see
2 See Hidden Owner of item can see hidden items, exits and mobs.
4 See Invisible Owner of item can see invisible items, exits and mobs
8 See Evil Owner of item can see evil auras
16 See Good Owner of item can see good auras
32 See Sneakers Owner of item can see mobs that sneak into the room.
64 See Magic Owner of item can see magic auras
128 Darkvision Owner of item can see in dark rooms as if they were lit
256 Infravision Owner of item can see heat auras of living mobs in dark rooms
512 Causes Deafness Owner of item becomes deaf, unable to hear
1012 Causes Paralyzation Owner of item becomes unable to move. Use this with caution, because as long as they own the item, they will be helpless.
2024 Deadens Smell Owner of item becomes unable to receive odor emotes or SNIFF to determine aromas.
4096 Disallows Eating Owner of item becomes unable to eat
8192 Causes Muteness Owner of item becomes unable to speak, which may affect which abilities they may use
16384 Causes Choking Owner of the item starts choking, losing an increasing amount of hit points as time passes
32768 Detect Victims
65536 Detect Metal Owner of item can see metal auras
131072 Befuddles the mind
262144 Occupies time
524288 Prevents auto attacking
1048576 Prevents camping


  • The appropriate property to provide stat modifiers to a mob is Prop_StatTrainer.