Prayer PlanarTravel

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===Planar Travel===
Domain: Cosmology
Available: Cleric(35)
Allows: Planar Finessing Planar Empowering Planar Extending
UseCost: Mana (966367641)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items Creatures Exits Rooms
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Commands: PRAY, PR
Examples: pray "planar travel" nirvana
Description: This prayer allows the cleric and his/her group to shift into another plane of existence for a period of time. Unless the cleric is perfectly proficient, the chances of actually reaching the intended plane is small. The caster should be ready for unusual environmental, including planes where there is no air to breathe. If perfectly successful, the new plane will appear identical to the area from which the spell was cast, except that the laws and rules of the plane will apply. To return home, the cleric should travel to the "Prime Material" plane.


  • Known planes: Abyss, Acheron, Air, Arcadia, Ash, Astral, Concordant Opposition, Dust, Earth, Elysium, Ethereal, Fire, Gehenna, Gladsheim, Hades, Happy Hunting Grounds, Ice, Lightning, Limbo, Magma, Minerals, Negative, Nine Hells, Nirvana, Olympus, Ooze, Pandemonium, Positive, Radiance, Salt, Secret Cow Level, Seven Heavens, Smoke, Steam, Tarterus, Twin Paradises, Vacuum, Water, Prime Material.
  • The Planar Lore skill can provide information about a specific plane.