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===Linked Health===
Domain: Healing
Available: Cleric(23) Missionary(23) Purist(23) Shaman(23)
Allows: Healing
UseCost: Mana (73)
Quality: Sometimes Beneficial
Targets: Creatures
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Commands: PRAY, PR
Examples: pray "linked health" orc
Description: The caster and the target become linked in their combat damage. Any damage that is taken by one is shared 50% with the other, so that neither takes full damage from any hit, but they both take some.


  • This prayer can be useful to mitigate some of the damage taken by another player, and works quite well when combined with other prayers such as Mass Heal. However, this prayer will continue to work even when one of the linked characters is not in the same room, and can be dangerous in some situations (e.g. when one player flees due to low health, and continues to receive damage from the other linked player).