Prayer FeedTheDead

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===Feed The Dead===
Domain: Death Lore
Available: Necromancer(3)
Allows: Death Lore
UseCost: Mana (53)
Quality: Sometimes Beneficial
Targets: Creatures
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Commands: PRAY, PR
Examples: pray "feed the dead" bob 100
Description: This prayer transfers the given amount of experience from the caster to the target undead creature. This amount is multiplied when the target mob is much lower level than the caster. This also creates a chance that the undead follower will become Loyal to the player who casts it.


  • This prayer is great to cast on newly created undead, as the greater the level difference between the caster and the undead, the more XP the undead will earn.
    • This prayer has a reduced effect on undead higher level than the caster.
  • Loyalty is highly desired in your undead, so if you get arrested, charmed or otherwise separated from your group, they will rejoin your group.