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Someone better than I can format this. These are just a randomly ordered selection of really good things to know about being an Archon.

  • Do Not use your Archon as a test, create a test player instead. Your Archon cannot die, your Archon often does ridiculous amounts of damage, your Archon has immunity to many MOB behaviors. All of these factors make them basically useless to guage if something new is working properly or as you intended.
  • If you insist on testing something with your Archon, which I strongly suggest you do not do, make sure you are NOT Wizard Invisible (WIZINV).
  • Do Not EVER cast doppleganger or clone or any other spell that creates a copy of yourself as an Archon.
  • If you do not trust someone fully with the little helpless baby that is your MUD Do Not make them an Archon. You can give other folks the ability to build without making them Archons. Please see The Archon Guide or Help - Security. Remember: Archons can SHUTDOWN the MUD.
  • Prop_Ability Immunity is your friend if you don't want your Archon to catch any pesky diseases. (This may be subject to change. I swear Bo keeps making Archons immune to diseases, but every few builds they come down with new ones. Or maybe I'm hallucinating.)