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CoffeeMUD is a sandbox-style MUD that meets the playstyles of many different types of players. A sandbox-style MUD is one that lets players pretty much go wherever they want and do whatever they desire, but with consequences. A level 1 player could venture in to an end-game area, often with a lot of forewarning. Attacking a dragon at level 1 will probably end the way most people imagine an 11 year-old taking on a dragon would end...with the character swallowed by the dragon within the first round or two of the fight. But there are a variety of ways different playstyles work within the CoffeeMUD sandbox.


There are a variety of storylines in CoffeeMUD, mostly in the Tyrithel region. These are interactive storylines where the characters play an integral role in the story, and must pay close attention to details to accomplish their goals.

Class and Race Selection

Most classes are great options for storylines, but classes in the Commoner Base Class are often weak at combat. Any race is appropriate for this play style, although Drow will encounter some significant challenges due to the Light Sensitivity.


For players who like pure hack-and-slash with a fantasy element, the Theran areas in and around Midgaard offer up some excellent opportunities. Other areas, called Instances, such as the Instance of Mystery, provide unique randomized adventures without requiring too much exploration.

Class and Race Selection

Most classes are great options for the grinder, but classes in the Commoner Base Class are often weak at combat. Any race is appropriate for this play style.


CoffeeMUD has over 200 unique areas to explore and over 20,000 rooms. Thousands of MOBs provide a diverse population to interact with. There are city areas, wilderness areas, underground areas, and underwater areas to explore.

Class and Race Selection

Bard classes gain bonus experience for exploring, and often stick their noses where they don't belong. Sailors and Pirates are good options for maritime exploration. Thieves of all stripes are also good at scouting out areas with their hiding abilities. Pixies are often a fun choice for explorers due to their innate Invisibility, but their lack of strength and size limits their carry capacity greatly.


CoffeeMUD has a built-in achievement system with hundreds of achievements to strive for, both big and small. Some achievements provide in-game bonuses, titles, or simply bragging rights.

Class and Race Selection

Most classes are great options for the achiever, but classes in the Commoner Base Class are often weak at combat, limiting their ability to attain some of the combat achievements. Any race is appropriate for this play style.


With over 30 unique crafting styles, there are plenty of options for customizing gear and property. Players can buy property and modify it into unique, well-decorated abodes. Gear can be further customized with gem studding, dyes, crafting expertises, labels and other decorations. Crafters can learn to craft items found in the game, or learn new recipes from recipe books in the world. There's two forms of auctions available to sell wares, the Live Auction, which is a silent bid auction system over the AUCTION channel, and the auction house, where you may place items up for auction over several days to maximize your buyer set.

Class and Race Selection

While all classes have some capability of crafting, players who really want to craft gear will want to start as an Apprentice(Commoner) and select the Artisan(Commoner) class when possible. All races may become Artisans, but Humans often make a great choice due to their balanced stats and human trait of Diligent Studying.


Truly social individuals will find lots of social outlets on CoffeeMUD, from the number of public and private CHANNELS, to user-created Clans, to just hanging out at Midgaard recall. Social players will probably desire to avoid the Role-Playing port (2326), though, since this greatly reduces the available forms of communication.

Class and Race Selection

Any class and race is appropriate to this play style.

Player vs Player

CoffeeMUD offers several forms of player-kill options, from non-lethal duels, to specialized areas for showing arena-style combats. There is even a special port, 2324, dedicated to players who wish to encourage PvP combat. While there is a dedicated port for PK, players on any port may engage in player vs player combat by enabling their PLAYERKILL flag.

Class and Race Selection

Every adventuring class has their strengths and weaknesses, which PK is all about exploiting those strengths and weaknesses. Any race is valid for this play style.


For players who desire more instantaneous rewards, the hardcore port, 2325, offers experience gains from kills at three times the normal rate. However, all death is final on this port, instantly deleting a character that has died. This is an exhilarating play style that is not for every player.

Class and Race Selection

Hardcore players often go for Monks and Mages due to their self reliance. Fighters and Thieves are also popular due to their durability and damage output, but their reliance on gear makes them less popular. Druids and Clerics are less popular due to their abilities requiring special attention to alignment and inclination. Hardcore Commoners are exceptionally rare, since they do poorly at combat, and non-combat experience is not enhanced on this port. Any race is appropriate for this play style.

Immersive Role-Playing

If you wish to dive more into character, port 2326 offers a variety of options which limit some out-of-character interactions/knowledge. You may use characters from your main account (port 23/2323/2324) on the Role-Playing port, but many numerical values to stats will be replaced with descriptive values instead. TELL and multiple channels will not work. OOC will only work in Inns/Taverns. Experience is accumulated while adventuring, but you may not gain a level until you return to your guildmaster and TRAIN with them, which you may only do once per MUDDAY for purposes of XP gain. (You may TRAIN [Ability Name] and PRACTICE [Ability Name] any number of times). You gain extra experience for social interaction(Roleplaying Experience, or RXP), up to 25% of your XP per level.

Class and Race Selection

Any class/race selection is appropriate for the RP port. Commoners will have to use other mechanisms to promote their services, but it is entirely possible to play and thrive in this environment.

Classic MUD

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Hardcore is the Classic Port, 2327. This port requires characters to earn a lot more experience per level, greatly slowing the leveling process. Maximum level is limited to 31 on this port. It harkens back to the times of old-school mudding, where leveling could require days of heavy adventuring, and power scales were more limited.

Class and Race Selection

Most classes are great options for the Classic port, but classes in the Commoner Base Class are very limited. Fewer races are available for play on this port.