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There are many races in CoffeeMUD, including 19 starting player races and many other stock races. The list of races is ever-growing with the addition of new builder-created races to meet the needs of builders, as well as auto-generated races from the crossbreeding of mobs or through the planar travel system.

The entries for races include the following categories:

  • Description: A general overview of the race and physical description.
  • Stat Adjustments: Racial stat adjustments apply after character creation. Note that a stat adjustment does not automatically confer a bonus to the maximum stat value, although most races adjust stat and max stat values equally. This category also provides resistances, with a positive number equivalent to that percentage likelihood to avoid that type of affect.
  • Racial Abilities: These are skills automatically granted to the race at a set proficiency (percentage skill). Racial abilities may be assigned to specific level before gaining them, but they never improve in proficiency.
  • Cultural Abilities: These are skills automatically granted to any mob starting as that race. Polymorphing into a race will not grant the cultural abilities of the race.
  • Racial Effects: These are affects that persist as long as the mob remains that race, such as a fear aura on a lich, or a stench on a zombie.
  • Bonus Languages: These are bonus starting languages that the race receives.
  • Bonus Abilities: Other non-skill affects that the race receives, such as infravision, are listed in this category.
  • Immunities: Racial immunities provide complete protection against the listed affects. These are often diseases, but other affects could be granted immunity.
  • Experience Modification: If the race has a positive experience adjustment, then they gain experience faster. Likewise, a negative adjustment indicates the race levels more slowly.
  • Life Expectancy: This is the anticipated lifespan in mudyears of a mob. If a mob's age exceeds this value, they will suffer aging penalties and be more prone to a variety of diseases associated with age.
  • Starting Equipment: This is the equipment that the race starts with, and can be reequipped with the OUTFIT command.
  • Wear Locations: These are the locations the race is permitted to wear items on. NOTE: It is possible for a race to have a limb location, with no associated wear location.
  • Qualifying Classes: These are the permitted classes a race may train into.

Player Races

There are 19 player races: Aarakocran, Centaur, Drow, Duergar, Dwarf, Elf, Githyanki, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Half Elf, Halfling, Human, Lizard Man, Merfolk, MindFlayer, Orc, Ogre, Pixie and Svirfneblin.

Known Races

Races are grouped into racial categories, or families of races. A listing of known pure races by category is provided in the following table. Only pure, uncrossbred races are listed on this table.

Amphibian Animal Arachnid Avian Bovine Canine
Celestial Demon Devil Dragon Dwarf Elemental
Elf Equine Fairy-kin Feline Fish Giant-kin
Gnome Goblinoid Halfling Humanoid Illithid Insect
Mephit Metal Golem Ophidian Ovine Pachyderm Porcine
Primate Pteropine Reptile Rodent Sea Mammal Slime
Stone Golem Undead Unique Unknown Ursine Vegetation
Wood Golem Worm

Note: Class selection is limited by the class itself, not the race. Classes that accept all races are listed below:

Appentice      Artisan      Gaoler      Cleric      Doomsayer      Missionary      Necromancer      Shaman      Templar      Fighter      Barbarian      Thief      Arcanist      Assassin      Burglar      Trapper      Minstrel


CoffeeMUD has a dynamic crossbreeding system, so new races are generated when parents of different races magically mate. Some crossbreeds produce known results, some produce new races entirely. Please do not update this wiki with stats on cross-bred races. Since they are dynamically generated, the stats may vary between servers, and can even vary on the same server if enough time has lapsed to reset the race.

Races Table

create a table with Race, class restrictions, ability modifiers, saving throw modifiers, innate skills, and other notes.