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Targets: MOBs, Items
Parameters: min, max ticks, % chance, rideok flag, diameter; room ids or directions
Examples: min=10 max=20 chance=75 rideok=true;Midgaard#3001;#3002;#3003;RESTART

min=10 max=20 chance=99 rideok=only;Midgaard#3001;#3002;#3003;RESTART min=10 max=20 chance=15;east;.;north;north;east min=10 max=20 chance=15 diameter=100;Midgaard#1;New Thalos#10;.;.;restart

Description: According to the timing and percent chance described by the parameters, the mob or item with this behavior will travel the path assigned in the parameters. Cardinal directions and room numbers are all valid entries, though the cardinal directions must always be valid from the objects current position to work. The 'RESTART' parameter may be placed in the path to force the object to start the path from the beginning. If no 'RESTART' parameter is given, the object will by default retrace their steps back to the beginning of the path. The '.' parameter (a period) in the path will direct the patroller to pause one step at that point. If any doors are encountered along the patrol route, they will be unlocked and opened by a mob. Items will ignore doors. If a route of room ids is given, the patroller will automatically "track" from their current position to the next room on their patrol list, even if it is not adjacent. The diameter parameter should be enlarged when it is possible for the patroller to become more that 20 rooms "off track".

By default, rideable mobs and items will stop patrolling when they are ridden. Setting rideok to true will make it so that they continue their patrol even when ridden, though they can still be driven by passengers. Setting rideok to only will keep the rideable on track, and prevent driving by passengers.

See Prop_StayAboard for a helpful support property for patrollers with riders.