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Patch Dayz


I am looking for a few partners to help build this game. I have a huge player base (500+ players) waiting patiently.

If your interested in helping, I really need a Head Builder/World GM to help weave our story.

Email me please!

Address 5059 (Development Port) 6069 (Production Port)


Contact Email

What is Patch Dayz Mud?

Patch Dayz Mud is a free to play, text based RPG MUD (multi user dungeon). Muds were popular back in the 90's before the creation of MMORPGs. Almost every MMORPG was born out of MUDs. Patch Dayz Mud is a fantasy based game, with races, classes, a large world and lots of NPCs to interact with and monsters to kill. Players gain experience by killing mobs and doing quests, and gain new spells and skills as they level up. You can play online or use a telnet client to play Patch Dayz (Putty, Zmud, Mushclient etc).

Why did we create Patch Dayz Mud?

We made Patch Dayz Mud as a place for people to come to when their favorite MMO is down. I'm an avid WOW player, and I find myself bored when Tuesday server maint is going on or in between raids. We did NOT make Patch Dayz to replace WOW, just as a fun free place to hang out while they have some down time.

Who created Patch Dayz Mud?

Patch Dayz Mud was created by Darren Steinke (Hansth) and Dustin Hamilton (Daemus). The mud is based on CoffeeMud, written by Bo Zimmerman. You can type 'help credits' in game to see a list of credits and contributors. We are one of the few muds in development that stays current with updated beta versions of CoffeeMud.

What does this have to do with WOW?

Patch Dayz Mud was inspired by the beautiful world of Azeroth. When you enter the game, you will not find Azeroth, or stormwind, or Thrall. Although we use a lot of ideas from classic fantasy genres like D&D and WOT, our game is not based on WOW. We encourage all of our players that don't play WOW, to download the trial and play!


More to come!


  • Human
  • Skexie
  • Gelfling
  • Orc
  • Goblin
  • Gnome
  • Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Tauren
  • Undead
  • Lich
  • Centaur


  • Mage
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Warrior
  • Shaman
  • Druid
  • Warlock
  • Monk
  • Hunter
  • Paladin
  • Bard
  • Apprentice

Sub Classes

  • Mage-> Mystic, Sorcerer
  • Priest-> Bishop, Tempest
  • Rogue -> Scout, Ninja
  • Warrior-> Barbarian, Muskateer
  • Shaman-> Sohei, Paragon
  • Druid-> Moonkin, Celtic
  • Warlock-> Doomlord, Hellreaver
  • Monk-> Scholar, Dragoon
  • Hunter-> Highlander, Forester
  • Paladin-> Inquisitor, Prophet
  • Bard-> Dervish, Composer
  • Apprentice-> Artisan, Mastersan


Update 1.1 (Live on Dev/Prod ports)

Tweaked some classes
Tweaked some races
Tweaked GROUP command
2 new spells for Hellreaver: Mass Grave and Designation (BZ)
Account wide acheivements (BZ)
New command: ACCOUNT (BZ)
New command: REMORT (BZ)
Account menu redone
Department added for imms
Finished Features Webpage
Changed Archon to Implementor
Tweaked Index to display latest updates/announcements from forums
Adjusted permissions for forums
Wizlist now reads from text file
Added Clantags to WHO
Added Allegience factions
Added READ MOTD to main menu
Reformatted character listing at main menu
Reformatted other main menu options
Reformatted CLANDETAIL command
Reformatted CLANWHO command
One currency system (gold/silver/copper)
Tweaked obvious exits (no more bg color)
Redo text files in text directory

Final Thoughts

You will most likely find me on the development port or icoff. Email or msg me. I love love love coffeemud.