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Description: Paran is the god of Sentience and Passion. Considered the second most powerful god, he watches over all of his beloved children, the thinking and feeling races of the realm.
Cleric Restrictions: Allows only Cleric, Doomsayer, Healer, Necromancer, Oracle, Purist, Templar. Disallows neutral. Requires a base charisma of at least 14.
Follower Restrictions: Disallows neutral.
Available Blessings: Berzerk, Restoration, Resist Disease, Resist Paralysis, Resist Indignities, Resist Petrification, Protection Undead, Water Breathing, Fly, Grace Of The Cat, Divine Favor (Clerics only)
Blessing Instructions: The blessings of Paran are placed upon his clerics whenever the cleric does the following: the player should say 'bless me paran that i might continue your good work this day'.

The blessings of Paran are placed upon his worshippers whenever they do the following: the player should say 'bless me paran.'.

Service Instructions: The services of Paran are the following: the player should say 'paran bless this service', and wait 40 seconds, and wait 40 seconds, and then you will automatically say 'let us begin', and the player should say 'cry out your praise to paran', and then all others will say 'yes!', and the player should say 'now look inwards and feel your joy', and wait 40 seconds, and then all will say 'yes!', and the player should say 'you are dismissed'.

About this deity


The flaming hand – The holy symbol depends on the quest of the priest including embroidery into vestments, engraved medallions, engravings on weapons, and carved figurines.


Paran is the god of life and passion, and is the official religion of all of the kingdoms of Thera.

The chief goal of the faith is the promotion of happiness and virtuous life. The key to happiness is complete devotion to Paran and his will, which is supreme. Happiness is also considered the ultimate end of the world, and must be spread and strengthened. This sect is often intricately woven to its society in a way no other Alra-Paranian sect is.

Followers of Paran are expected to display unswerving devotion, and highest moral virtue. Devotions are daily and expected to be attended by all whenever possible. Sacrifices of animals and criminals (as the act of execution) are highly ritualized and praised. Followers are expected to observe faith above all else, spreading morality to all, and converting the unbelievers or unrighteous. While followers may be any alignment, priests must be non-evil, preferably good. Priests of Paran are often zealous speakers and powerfully charismatic. They incite strong emotion and devotion from their followers, and dictate virtues and morality as defined by Paran. Their duties overlap in many ways with government; they perform and authorize marriage, provide spiritual and general guidance, perform daily devotions and ceremonies, perform “corrections” on the righteous, dictate the general direction of government, and record and authorize all births and deaths. They are present at all executions and moral punishments, and are responsible for maintaining the highest devotion from their followers. The priesthood is naturally domineering, evangelical, and the least tolerant of all the sects. They are not tolerant of pagan or non-Alra-Paranian religions. A priest of Paran must have a charisma of at least 14, be from a respected family, and take an oath of celibacy, chastity, and blood loyalty to the state.

Known Shrines

Shrines to Paran where clerics may perform services are located in:

  • In Midgaard, the quiet alcove of the Temple of Paran has been infused with goodness of Paran.