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Other Items


Keys are used to unlock locked doors and chests.

  • Prop_ItemNoRuin is ideal to place on keys so that players won't need to farm for the key.


Perfumes are one-shot items used to apply a scent on the target which will last a significant time.

  • For the list of smells, you may use Subject-based tags in the string. Target-based tags don't make sense for the smells list.
  • should probably move to Consumables.

Archon Only Standard Items

Some items can only be made by Archons due to their power or ability to manipulate the world. Builders who are not Archons will be unable to make these items.

  • ManualArchon
  • WandArchon
  • BagofEndlessness
  • Ingredients
  • GoodyBag

Archon Only Generic Items

  • GenBagOfEndlessness
  • GenSuperPill


  • Smokables (GenPipe) and lightables (GenLantern) should use Prop_WearSpellCast to provide an affect when lit (and will provide no affect when not lit).