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CoffeeMUD is the official production server for the CoffeeMUD codebase. We try to showcase some of the versatility of the CoffeeMUD codebase, while adding new features to improve our happy little world. Many of the features of CoffeeMUD can be manipulated by INI settings or through clever building of areas. CoffeeMUD is a fully functional MUD where players can explore the vast world of Alramidgaardia, rich with a mixture of imported areas, modified imported areas and original content to provide many adventuring opportunities.

Playing this CoffeeMUD

CoffeeMUD uses an Account System, which is a collection of characters. On our CoffeeMUD, the INI settings allow for 3 active characters to be online from a single account at a time. When you first log in to CoffeeMUD, you will be asked to create an account. Your account name will be displayed in game upon gaining certain account achievements. After you create your account, you may create a character (each account may have up to 50 characters).

Creating Your First Character

There are many considerations in character creation, and while there are no characters that are unplayable, there are some that will make learning CoffeeMUD harder. As a general recommendation, no starting stat should be set less than 9, as this will allow you to play with a character with the fewest weaknesses (but also less optimized than a min-maxed character). Certain classes require stats of a certain value, and there are negative impacts to any stat below a 10 value with increasingly worse results the lower you go. If you have time, you may wish to view this user-made video on You-Tube on character creation:

Character Stats

When you first create a character, you will get a choice to customize your 6 primary stats. Each stat has multiple purposes in the game, so it is important to consider impacts to choosing high and low stats:

  • Strength determines how much you can carry, how well you can hit in melee combat, and how much damage you do in melee combat.
  • Intelligence determines how quickly you increase skill proficiency, how much proficiency you gain per practice point, spell critical chance, and spell critical damage.
  • Dexterity determines defense, ability to avoid certain affects, ranged critical chance and ranged critical damage.
  • Constitution determines movement gains per level, hit point gains per level, and the ability to resist diseases and poisons.
  • Charisma determines the maximum number of followers you can have and cost for buying and selling from shopkeepers.
  • Wisdom determines additional practices gained per level and the ability to resist mind-based affects.

Character Races

There are twenty available Player Races for CoffeeMUD for starting characters. Advanced players may find a variety of ways of becoming many different races, or even creating new races through cross-breeding or uplifting druid chants. If you are fairly new to MUDs, it is recommended to stay with one of the basic demi-human races (Human, Half-Elf, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling or Gnome). The starting races are fairly balanced, so races with powerful abilities have some major disadvantages as well. Your starting race will determine your start area.

Character Classes

Starting characters may choose between one of seven Player Classes, but may change to another class within their base class. The exception to this is the commoner base class, which can switch to any base class.

Starting Class Base Class Stat Requirements Qualifying Classes Notes
Apprentice Commoner Intelligence 5+, Wisdom 5+ ALL classes Cannot level. Must save 1 TRAIN for class change to level.
Bard Bard Charisma 9+ Any Bard sub-classes. Bards often work best in groups, whether with other players or mobs they charm with their unique magical abilities (songs).
Cleric Cleric Wisdom 9+ Any Cleric sub-classes Clerics should chose a Deity for maximum effect, and often must adhere to strict Alignment restrictions to use their magic (prayers).
Druid Druid Constitution 9+ Any Druid sub-classes Most druidic magic (chants) work best in the appropriate wilderness settings.
Fighter Fighter Strength 9+ Any Fighter sub-classes One of the most straight-forward classes. Heavily dependent upon good gear.
Mage Mage Intelligence 9+ Any Mage sub-classes Mages start very weak, and are very delicate throughout their career having low hit points and poor armor. However, they make up for these weakness at higher levels where their magic (spells) is very powerful.
Thief Thief Dexterity 9+ Any Thief sub-classes This class relies upon stealth to deliver powerful attacks. Similar to Fighters, Thieves are heavily reliant upon their gear, although they cannot wear as heavy of armor as Fighters.


The first full-time CoffeeMUD server started running in early 2002 with the development of version 2.0 (1.2) of the codebase. At that time it consisted entirely of stock Merc/Dikumud areas that had been imported. These were very quickly expanded to include areas from other abandoned muds. Since then, talented builders have worked until over half of the 250 areas are of original authorship, as well as "CoffeeMudifying" the existing stock areas to take advantage of the features of the codebase.


CoffeeMUD now offers a multitude of login options to address a variety of playstyles. All are available at, but the different ports have different play options.

IP Address: number) or number)

Port Account Multiplay Features
23 Standard Yes (3) This is the standard version of CoffeeMUD, with optional Player Kill toggle. Uses the shared Account.
2323 Standard Yes (3) This is the standard version of CoffeeMUD, with optional Player Kill toggle. Uses the shared Account.
2324 Standard Yes (3) This is a persistent Player Kill port. Your Player Kill flag may not be toggled, but you will not experience Hunger or Thirst on this port. Uses the shared Account.
2325 Hardcore Yes (3) This port uses a separate account (hardcore) for your characters. Experience rewards are tripled for kills. However, any death will result in permanent deletion of the character. Uses a separate hardcore Account, and hardcore characters may only join hardcore clans.
2326 Standard No This is a heavy Role-Playing Port.
  • Most CHANNELS are disabled except the NEWBIE channel, which should only be used for NEWBIE questions like HOW DO I DRINK MILK FROM A COW?
  • TELLS are also disabled.
  • You must introduce yourself to fellow players to see them appear on the WHO screen (which only works with fellow RPers).
  • Most statistics are displayed descriptively instead of numerically.
  • Experience is deferred. This means that you must TRAIN with someone of your class (or a class guildmaster) to gain experience, which you may only do once per real hour, starting from the last time you successfully gained experience with the TRAIN command.
  • You gain Roleplaying Experience (RXP) for being social, talking to other players, using SOCIALS and a few other things. This experience is also deferred, so you wont see it rewarded until you TRAIN.
  • Uses the shared Account.
2327 No account Yes (3) This is a classic view of how CoffeeMUD was originally started:
  • New Classes from Artisan forward are not available.
  • Maximum character level is 31.
  • Experience requirements are based on original XP tables, requiring significantly more XP to level.
  • There is no REMORT system.
  • There is no Account system. Each character is a unique entity.
  • Access to high level areas is restricted.


MUD Clients

There are many good MUD clients out there. Besides using the web application (Siplet) to play CoffeeMUD, our playerbase has provided a listing of useful clients to try:

Contact Email

These contact emails only work if you have a CoffeeMUD account associated with your email account.


Clans are internal social organizations within CoffeeMUD. As you might have guessed, our CoffeeMUD uses the default Clan Settings.


Achievements are a way of flagging special events in a character's career, or over a player's account. CoffeeMUD has a modified list of the default achievements.

Online Resources

Tok has generated a series of videos explaining CoffeeMUD.

Accessibility Information

CoffeeMUD has a long list of features useful to players using screen-readers. See our Guide For Screen-Reader Users (work in progress).