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This page lists all of the Newbie Chats that the Talkative Newbie says in game as of 6/22/2019.

  • Does anyone know anything about WAINWRIGHTING
  • I was told I PAINT great artwork, it got me an A+!
  • I lost my diploma again!
  • We should CONSIDER people before we fight them!
  • I went out MINING and all I got was this copper
  • You're able to LACQUER, PAINT or DYE stuff you own like wagons and houses.
  • A gnome came up to me before and was speaking GNOMISH, how silly is that? I haven't learnt that language yet!
  • Sometimes those big heroes use special words to do things on channels. Try doing GOSSIP GREET and see what happens. Type in SOCIALS for a complete list of premade things to do.
  • Theocracies, Gangs, Guilds and Fellowships can all create a morgue, a special place for our corpses to arrive when we die.
  • I found an adept in the mud school that teaches about multiclassing.
  • My friend BoBo got in trouble for breaking some obvious rule about cheating
  • Did you know you can change the way your PROMPT is displayed? Simply type in HELP PROMPT to see a list of options.
  • Most major cities have a BANK where you can store both items AND money!
  • A list of channels can be found by typing in CHANNEL
  • Them's gold in them thar hills, Yar Matey!
  • Mayors in the major cities will let you recall there for a payment.
  • You can conserve your lantern's oil with the command PUT OUT LANTERN and replenish its fluid with an oil flask from almost any grocer (FILL LANTERN FLASK)
  • The more WISDOM you have, the more practices you get per level.
  • You can make new races with the MATE command, someone of the opposite gender and the CROSSBREED chant.
  • COOKING your own food will satisfy your hunger much better than shop food." "You can use CLANLIST to see a list of clans"
  • You can use CLANAPPLY NAME OF CLAN to apply for membership of a clan that interests you.
  • If Zolo annoys you, you can ignore him with the command NOZCHAT, but if you don`t mind you ought to talk to him on the channel ZCHAT. He`s quite smart!
  • BURGLARS can sell you a map of a specific area
  • If you're in a group of friends, you can use GCONSIDER to see how your whole group compares to your victim!
  • FORMATION is a great way to protect your weaker group members with the stronger members. Mages at the back!
  • If you find yourself becoming popular, have your friends SERVE you!
  • If you have a baby, you can get one of the nannies look after it so you don't have to!
  • Some of the dummies around Tzbrakas Training academy have gained personalities! Uh oh!
  • Type the command AUTO to see things you can do automagically. I like to use AUTOGOLD!
  • You can buy tokens with questpoints that let you add color to an item, or change it completely! These are commonly called RESTRING TOKENS.
  • Someone, somewhere, has a list of directions to all the areas in the world!
  • If you use the command EQ LONG you will see all the places you can wear something.
  • You can use AUCTION to automagically sell items to other people. Sweet.
  • Your equipment slowly degrades over time from combat damage. EXAMINE an item to see if it is damaged. You can REPAIR it with the appropriate crafting common skill or with help from a friendly mage.
  • I hear that if you become powerful enough, you can REMORT and begin anew with some unique advantages.
  • I wonder what happens if you REMORT as a Lich...
  • Gathering skills, like FORAGING can be much more productive if you use the right tools.
  • You can buy caravels in New Thalos and Alramus. These big ships are bigger than some houses and can be personalized with the SHIP BUILDING skill!
  • I hear Erigonious is the STRONGEST man alive!
  • The guild masters in Elvenhame are very agile and can train DEXTERITY higher than other guild masters.
  • If you are looking for the healthiest trainers, Nidenjord guild masters have very high CONSTITUTION.
  • The Faerie Queen in Faerie Ring is the most CHARISMATIC guild master anywhere!
  • I hear that Master Dunn in Mirror of Realm can train you to have even more INTELLIGENCE than Zolo.
  • The guild masters in The City of Anon can train exceptional levels of WISDOM.
  • Of course Titans are strong. They are the strongest race alive, and can provide STRENGTH training to any who venture to the Valley of the Titans.
  • Are you so powerful that you find yourself killing your enemies too fast? Try looking at your AUTOINVOKE to disable some of your automatic skills and slow your killing spree.
  • I just found out that class armor restrictions only apply to the HEAD, ARMS, TORSO, WAIST and LEGS wear locations! Neat! Now I can wear metal gauntlets without messing up my spells!
  • TEACHing other players skills is a great way to earn a little extra experience on the side.
  • I went to Akheem's farm the other day and learned how to milk a cow! FILL BUCKET FROM COW will get some fresh milk!
  • Is your home full of a lot of junk of the same type? Then PACKAGE it to save room!
  • If you like exploring, it may be useful to modify your PROMPT command to include the current area you are in. This may help save you from wandering into a high level area.
  • I wonder who the TOP explorer is this month...
  • When I get myself stuck and can't get out of it, I use ASSIST to get the attention of an Archon to help me.
  • Crafting is a ton of fun! But sometimes I don't know what the items on the lists are, like Sabottons. Using ARMORSMITH INFO SABOTTONS provides more information to help decide if I want to make it!
  • I heard that some adventurers have so many attacks per round that they NOBATTLESPAM to avoid being overwhelmed by combat information.
  • STAT HEALTH is a short command to view your overall health.
  • Tired of all that information on your SCORE card? Try using STAT ATTRIBUTES instead to see how your current attribute stats.
  • The fighter guildmaster of Nidenjord is the healthiest ogre ever!
  • Mistress Anney helped my mommy enroll me in MUD SCHOOL. She's in the House of Learning in Alramus. Mommy said MUD SCHOOL was expensive, but worth the education.
  • If your clothes are on fire, you can PUT OUT your clothes just like you would a torch. Just don't do it to your oven, because those fires are hard to restart!
  • Wow! STAT RESISTS shows all of my current saving throw modifiers!
  • Did you know that edged weapons include sickles and daggers, but not swords or axes?
  • Daggers are a subset of edged weapons.
  • Did you know that blunt weapons include clubs and staffs, but not hammers?
  • Staffs are a subset of blunt weapons.
  • Be sure to pay your respects to the dead! If you die, visit your corpse before it decays and GET ALL BODY to recover any previous adventuring gear.
  • My friend Flyte is so brave. She has her WIMPY set to 1 hit point, and never FLEEs!
  • My master shared with me the power of the mystic words AREAS SORT=LEVEL. Now I know where my destiny takes me!
  • You can quickly check if you have any mail waiting at a post office with the MOTD command?
  • If you travel to Cora Ilse using the IMS Southbounder from New Thalos, or the IMS Swiftsure from Alramus, you can have your RECALL reset to Cora Isle by asking the mayor about your recall.
  • Mistress Relney in Nidenjord can register young students for Magthere Wa`q!
  • The Receptionist at the Dancing Daemon Inn in New Thalos can register students for Tzbrakas Training Academy.
  • My friend got in a fight and lost his nose! He can't afford a RESTORATION prayer from the temple yet, but he said it was ok since he can still SNIFF his food.

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