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This is still a work in progress. Feel free to contribute if you see a resource that is not in here that can be gathered. Resources available have been found using Speculate.

Wilderness Type Found By Resource Type Resources
Forest Chopping Wood Oak, Wood, Pine, Teak, Ironwood, Hickory,

Sycamore, Maple

Forest Drilling Liquid Honey, Sap
Forest Foraging Vegetation Oranges, Cherries, Nuts, Herbs
Forest Hunting Leather Leather, Fur
Forest Mining Digging Rock Dirt
Jungle Chopping Wood Wood, Balsa, Ironwood
Jungle Foraging Vegetation Plums, Herbs, Fruit, Berries, Apples, Coffeebeans,

Oranges, Lemons, Pineapples

Jungle Foraging Cloth Hemp, Vine, Silk
Jungle Hunting Cloth Fur, Feathers
Jungle Hunting Leather Scales
Hills Mining Digging Rock Stone
Mountains Digging Gems Garnet
Mountains Mining Metal Lead, Iron, Copper, Nickel, Palladium, Silver, Platinum
Plains Mining Digging Rock Flint
Plains Foraging Vegetation Smurfberries, Corn, Beans, Wheat, Cotton, Hops,

Barley, Rice, Tomatoes, Herbs, Greens

Plains Drilling Liquid Honey, Water
Plains Hunting Flesh Meat
Plains Hunting Cloth Fur, Hide, Feathers
Cave Mining Digging Rock Stone, Alabaster, Marble, Obsidian, Dirt, Granite
Cave Foraging Vegetation Mushrooms, Fungus
Cave Mining Metal Lead, Iron, Mithril, Copper, Zinc, Chromium,

Nickel, Palladium, Gold, Silver, Platinum

Cave Hunting Leather Scales
Cave Digging Gems Diamond, Bloodstone, Emerald, Ruby, Gem, Sapphire,

Alexandrite, Moonstone, Agate, Lapis

Cave Digging Glass Crystal
Desert Digging Rock Sand
Desert Drilling Liquid Water, Lamp Oil
Desert Foraging Vegetation Dates, Cactus
Desert Hunting Leather Scales
Swamp Mining Rock Coal
Swamp Digging Glass Clay
Swamp Drilling Liquid Tar
Swamp Chopping Wood Bamboo, Reed
Swamp Hunting Leather Scales
Swamp Foraging Vegetation Sugar, Pipeweed
Underwater Mining Rock Limestone
Underwater Digging Rock Sand, Clay
Underwater Foraging Vegetation Seaweed

These can be gathered with Chopping, Drilling, Foraging, Hunting, Mining, and Digging.